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There are two ways… The deb way Download the archive with deb files and extract the archive, and yes, I'm sure tar xf VNC-5.2.3-Linux-x64-DEB.tar.gz Install via sudo dpkg -i VNC-Server-5.2.3-Linux-x64.deb VNC-Viewer-5.2.3-Linux-x64.deb And remove the packages. This will also remove the files from the installation via ./vncinstall sudo apt-get ...


Normally to start the Xfce session from the console, you should put: xfce4-session More here, but I'm not sure about using this with VNC. Remember that first you have to install Xfce, in first step from Your link (Installing a Desktop and VNC on your Linode) change: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to: sudo apt-get install xfce4


Kile creates .backup files by default in the same dir. Check for those. If that didn't work, then use a VNC server. SSH into and run: $ sudo apt-get install x11vnc $ x11vnc -storepasswd #Create a password $ x11vnc -usepw -display :0 #Run it This will log you into a running session. Use any Remote Desktop client to connect (I am not sure if the connection ...

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