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Sure just install a ssh server. You should also probably route the vnc over the ssh but i am not gonna focus on that. The ssh server does basically what the vnc does but for tty (not for the gui). It is capable of many things but is mostly use as a way to display a terminal window to a remote computer so you can use commands from the remote computer. You ...


Try setting the DISPLAY variable to the X server of the VNC session: DISPLAY=:1 java xxx


You will need to enable X11 forwarding, this will forward it to your own X11 server (so you need a running X11 server on the client you're SSHing from). This can be done by adding -X to your SSH command. Example: ssh -X user@server Then make sure that the $DISPLAY variable is set to the correct display. Check this with echo $DISPLAY If what you're trying ...


I finally got this to work. In addition to making sure that the AWS Security Groups allow all relevant ports, I made the following changes to PuTTY (my Windows SSH client): Enabled X11 Forwarding under PuTTY Configuration --> Connection --> SSH --> X11 Set up port forwarding under PuTTY Configuration --> Connection --> SSH --> Tunnels for 5901 then I ...

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