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Try to type : sudo shutdown -h now The -h option is for halt which means to stop. For more info : 5 Linux commands to shutdown and reboot the system


sudo shutdown now Will bring the system down into single user mode, according to the man page. sudo shutdown -P now Is the more correct command, the -P option makes it power off after bringing the system down.


Thanks for the tip. In my case Install VM tools was grayed out. So i power-off VM and remote floppy drive for the VM. After restart VM tools option is enable :) I am using VMWare workstation 11.1.0 Regards. Juan


sorry I haven't got enough reputation to comment but by using solsTice advice I managed to get a similar problem working on Ubuntu Gnome 15.04, so thanks, here is what I did: Access the config setting via firefox : type about:config in the address bar, some window will come up about security hit ok I understand. -Next you need to search for ...

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