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Don't use the PPA, install vlc from the Ubuntu repositories. Remove the PPA you have installed: sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:videolan/stable-daily Empty the package cache: sudo apt-get clean Update your package lists: sudo apt-get update Downgrade/install all vlc packages to/in the repository version: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ...


According to ARCH, this problem is caused by openjdk. Please, remove it by typing: sudo apt-get remove --purge openjdk* sudo apt-get autoremove Also, after that if you need java for your daily programming, then I suggest installing Oracle Java. Follow the tutorial here at webupd8. ADDED: As pointed out by BrunoNova, the issue doesn't occur with openjdk ...


One possible solution is opening Terminal and using the command sudo apt-get install vlc If that fails, update your question with the exact wording of any error message you receive. Also useful would be your particular version of linux (we could be looking at an issue with the repositories. For example, if you are using an older version you would need ...


SMPlayer by default uses mplayer executable as its backend. You would need it to use mpv player instead. Install mpv player first. sudo apt-get install mpv Then open SMPlayer and go to its options. Change the location in Mplayer/mpv executable to /usr/bin/mpv That should fix it. Make sure you have SMPlayer 15.9 installed.


Well, I'm not sure how you got that URL in your question, but just copying the Youtube URL for the video (eg https://youtu.be/VoeCcCQuJrM) either from the URL bar or from the share box: worked just fine for me in VLC 2.2.0 Weatherwax. You should be able to just copy either URL and paste it into VLC via Media -> Open Network Stream. I believe by default ...


I launched VLC with vlc -vvv. This turns on verbosity to 2 (debug). This can also be seen in VLC GUI by going to Tools > Messages. I then followed the steps listed above in the screen shots to display the needed information for my command in the debug log. I pulled the needed information from the debug log. I looked online for appropriate syntax and tested ...


I found a way to have back the audio: right click on the video / audio / Stereo mode, Stereo should be selected. Click another stereo mode, e.g. Reverse stereo and enjoy. Repeat the operation each time you seek if needed. This is what I do since I have the same issue.....I hope it will help even though is not fixing the root of the problem. Bye!

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