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Selecting the full clone option really does make a full clone of the VM. (If you're having specific problems with that, I recommend editing your question with more details.) After cloning the VM, if you want both virtual machines to access the same network at the same time, you'll probably want to change the MAC address on the virtual network adapter of one ...


Click on the sheep icon to clone your VM (including snapshots). The sheep is in reference to Dolly the Sheep. Alternatively, you can export the entire VM into an OVA file which can then be imported into any other VirtualBox (or even VMWare) installation.


Virtualbox as available in the Ubuntu repositories does have VT-x support enabled. If the tab is not available, it could be that VT-x is not enabled in your BIOS. This is possibly needed even if vmx shows in cpuinfo. Reboot your system, go into the BIOS setup and look for the setting to enable virtualization somewhere in there. It's most likely disabled. You ...


Looks like you're trying to use xl without sudo. xl requires that you prefix each command with sudo. Instead of xl info , try sudo xl info


A general rule for virtual machines is that a single file provides faster access to the VM. The trade-off is that it makes it harder to move the VM to another location later on. If you don't plan on moving the VM to another device, you might go with a single file; otherwise, you are probably better off with using multiple files. And remember that if you ...

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