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Install the package vim-scripts and vim-addon-manager, then do vim-addons install debPlugin. The second package is solely for vim-addons. The relevant file is /usr/share/vim-scripts/plugin/debPlugin.vim, which in turn states that it is the deb.vim plugin.


There is the PPA pi-rho/dev, which has vim 7.4.401 packages, at 2014-09-02. (The current default version for trusty is 7.4.052) The version is available for precise and trusty, the build for utopic seems unavailable currently. Details on the versions from apt-cache: $ date Tue Sep 2 17:22:43 CEST 2014 $ apt-cache policy vim vim: Installed: ...


If your current locale is in an utf-8 encoding, Vim will automatically start in utf-8 mode. If you are using another locale: set encoding=utf-8 You might also want to select the font used for the menus. Unfortunately this doesn't always work. Also you have this option to force encoding with :set fileencodings=utf-8. You can find the documentation here ...

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