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It may be easier to add something like the code below to your .vimrc file, rather than changing profile settings in the GUI. syntax enable "(syntax on also works) Note that quotes are a comment in .vimrc highlight Folded ctermbg=White ctermfg=Red If you already have a highlight line for other purposes add this as a new line below it, e.g. have two ...


I had the same problem, got rid of it by removing vim-gnome and installing vim-gtk instead: sudo apt-get remove vim-gnome sudo apt-get install vim-gtk


As long as the actual binary is from vim-tiny, that's what you'll get. The feature has to be compiled into the executable of Vim. Install one of vim-nox, vim-gnome, vim-gtk, etc., instead.


/etc consists of all configurations files so to edit the files under /etc you need the superuser permissions but sometime we forget to use sudo. but at that time we can also use :w !sudo tee % then enter your administrator password :q! to exit successfully

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