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You can alter the required input video settings in vlc for your youtube clip either locally with the command line or globally with the gui: 1. Altering input video by command line: You can request a specific video size from youtube from the commandline by using the --preferred-resolution option. This has the bonus of not changing vlc global settings, so ...


Handbrake seems like a suitable solution for your needs if you want to transcode the movies and make them smaller in size. You should be able to install it from Ubuntu's Software Center or you can install it from the terminal by typing the following (if sudo asks for a password enter the one of the user you're currently logged in with): sudo apt-get update ...


I know you didn't ask about Ubuntu 16.04, but I can confirm that the PS2 Eyetoy camera works out-of-the-box on that version. I checked to see if it was detected with: lsusb which returned: Bus 002 Device 006: ID 054c:0155 Sony Corp. and then used Cheese Webcam Booth to test the picture. PS. These cameras have a manual focus ring on the front, took me ...


there is a script that copies the needed 20-intel.conf file and the newest intel firmware: It is in german, but you can see what it does there and make the same!


In order to play h.264 encoded videos the corresponding decoder comes with the following library: apt install gstreamer1.0-libav

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