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There is a shell environment variable, JAVA_HOME that can be set to use a java version from a specific directory. It needs to be exported, and should contain the path of the bin subdirectory of the java version. Also, the same directory should be first (or before /usr/bin) in PATH. The variable can be set in a script used to start an individual program. ...


In Ubuntu, at least in LTS releases, the upstream version numbers of many packages never change for a given release. There are very few exceptions, such as Firefox, and the kernel. You have three options: Upgrade a release. Not really an option. Find a PPA you can trust. Compile from source. This is definitely a viable option, but the exact steps depend ...


You can try. Replace the $(lsb_release -sc) command in their instructions with trusty. Follow the rest of the steps. However, note that because library versions change from version to version, the Trusty version might not be installable on Utopic, or might not work correctly.


Try this: dpkg -s xubuntu-desktop If you are concerned your version isn't up-to-date: apt-get update apt-get install --only-upgrade xubuntu-desktop


I am not an expert here. Meanwhile, there would be a possibility to run your 1.6 java on virtual computer and your 1.7 java on your existing computer (or vice versa).


"Canonical Kernel Team". Found it on the debian mailing list and it also explains why 3.16 is the only kernel at the moment that has it. In addition, I would like to announce a change in the kernel numbering scheme that we will be using: we are adding the string '-ckt' ('Canonical Kernel Team') to the kernel version. So, for example, kernel ...


The command to find the version is initctl version. It should have output along the lines of init (upstart 1.12). Another method is running apt-cache policy upstart and looking at what version it says is installed. There has never been an upstart binary/command shipped in Ubuntu; I have no idea what the other answer is talking about. Edit: apparently ...

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