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You could mount your root partition that is on your SSD (usually double clicking the drive icon from the desktop or file manager). If you see multiple partitions/drives you may need to mount them all to find the correct one (the one with the etc folder). Open the etc folder and from there open the lsb-release file. This will contain the distribution ...


No package will typically be updated beyond the major version shipped with the initial release of the distribution. Minor updates may be released provided changes are not significant, and security fixes from newer versions may be back-ported to maintain compatibility. You will find that some packages independently offer newer major versions from their own ...


You can use dpkg -l libusb-1.0* or apt-cache policy libusb-1.0*


Can anyone tell me why? Upgrades have not, are not and never will be automatic. It always needs a manual confirmation or for you to switch repositories. And what should I do if I want to upgrade to the newest version manually? check 'software & updates' and the 'updates' section and check that all the update are set to on. Bottom one is for ...

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