Verbose. The ability to see detailed information about a process

Verbose is when you see every single step of the boot process, or a command that runs from Terminal. It gives you detailed information on the process running. Verbose mode can be useful when you want to troubleshoot a problem with the system, or just want to see the details of a process.

Many command-line tools have a verbose mode where they output more information than when running normally. Verbose mode is usually specified with a -v flag. For example, rm -v lists files as it removes them, and the v flag to tar makes it list every file it archives or extracts. Some commands, like nmap, can take multiple -v flags, for even more verbose operation than with a single -v flag.

You can use this tag for questions about running programs in verbose mode, about what information is provided at various levels of verbosity, or when you want help getting a program to produce more or less output. This always applies in some context or to some particular utility, so should rarely if ever be the only tag used in a question.

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