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Do you have an AMD graphics card? If so, were you using the fglrx drivers? There has been an issue with them lately on this new update, as some packages needed for the driver to work correctly weren't updated to Utopic. In this case, open up tty1 (Terminal 1) by hitting the keys Ctrl + Alt + F1, log in with an account that has sudo privileges and run: sudo ...


If it is possible for you to download via the torrent, you should do so. I found I was able to download the latest 14.04 iso via bittorrent very quickly compared to downloading directly from the web site.


Go into Settings --> USB, and make sure that its enabled. Then add the USB device that you want making sure that its connected, and click OK.


Right click on your virtual machine , click on settings , then in the USB tab check the Enable USB controller.


I have done this a few years back and what I did was just a plain install on a USB device and also installed Grub on it. So when chosen from BIOS boot menu, the USB drive loads Grub in which you choose Ubuntu. Should be simple and straightforward. What also comes to mind too is chroot (using existing Ubuntu installation which you don't have). Here I am ...

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