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Wubi no longer works, and will just restart the system. You should either burn the iso file to a dvd, or use unetbootin to create a bootable usb stick.


You just install jmtpfs (via sudo apt-get install jmtpfs). After connecting your phone via USB, enable the MTP file transfer on your phone and it will show up as USB device on your computer. You can then access the whole file system (and not only the pictures, as with PTP) of your Android device.


I also have a ASUS EeePC 1000 and I have Lubuntu 14.04 installed. For some reason the computer recognizes the flash drive as another hard drive. When you start the computer, enter the BIOS. Navigate to boot and then down to the hard drive. You will notice that there is a plus sign there. Click on the hard drive and you will see your flash drive. Move ...


Bootable ISO images contain a partition table and boot record, and thus must be written to a disk rather than to a partition. The dd command you ran wrote the ISO image to sdd1, which is the first partition of the disk sdd. Write it just to sdd instead. dd if=path/to/iso of=/dev/sdd Of course, as ubuntu_tr says, always check that sdd is actually the ...

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