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Linux (and therefore Ubuntu) works with "generic" devices. "Generic" means 1 module (A.k.a. "driver") that supports many devices. Not every manufacturer of these dongles have their own chip inside these dongles. They tend to purchase these in large quantities from the same manufacturer so internally they are identical to other dongles using the same chip. ...


If you run lsusb terminal command, you will see what chip is installed in your dongle. Your device is 05c6:6001 Qualcomm, Inc. In most cases Linux identifies the dongle by the chip code 12d1:1506. Some of devices are implicitly defined in the option kernel module by vendor and product ids, but some are identified by some other parameters. Your device ...


Linux already contains all the necessary generic drivers that are required by most of the devices out there. This is possible because Linux is powered by a huge community of open source developers (which surprisingly nowadays include Microsoft too.) It does not mean that you an not install your own drivers, you most certainly can.


The output of adb indicates it doesn't have permissions to do what it's trying to do. In this case list all connected devices. To fix it you should do adb kill-server followed by sudo adb devices Basically you're killing the adb server and then starting it with sudo privileges to access usb devices. After that there is no need to issue adb commands with ...


You can use the command-line utility gammu for this purpose. If the USSD code to get your balance is (say) *901#, you would execute: gammu getussd "*901#" For installation and configuration instructions and more details, see here.


Are the devices being created at boot time? Yes. So, if I ask, which list do I update to cause /dev/sr1 created at boot time? makedev DESCRIPTION MAKEDEV is a script that will create the devices in /dev used to interface with drivers in the kernel. Note that programs giving the error ``ENOENT: No such file or ...

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