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You could check if there is something relevant in environment – by looking at output of command env ran in the initial gnome-terminal. Also, file /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop can have something added in Exec= line.


So here the solution, i wrote script and assigned hotkey to it. In script i used 2 window control tools wmctrl and xdotools. First parameter tells the script what window should we raise, and if there no such windows , the new one will be opened. Here the script: #!/bin/bash #getting window id by its class name, run wmctrl -lx to see name of ur window ...


There's an Google supported extension called Caret Browsing among other extensions to improve accessability. It toggles via F7 like in Firefox. Though I still find text selection to be a bit flunky on some pages, it works for most basic use cases.


As I am a user of vimium, it turns out I had the capabilities already shipped with it even though I wasn't aware that it existed. Search the starting point by: /yourSeach Press enter. Enable visual mode via: v Select text by vim navigation keys, aka: h, j, k, l, b, e, w, $ (I especially like shift + w, as it goes to the end of the next word) Yank via y ...


Use the arrow keys to navigate the page. To highlight text on a page with a keyboard use Shift and a direction, up is up a line down is down a line. Left is left one character and right is right one character. Copy is Ctrl + C and paste is Ctrl + P. The only way I could find to move the selection cursor is using find to highlight the first word of the ...

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