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You can install Compiz using these commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins-extra After installing compiz open dash and type ccsm. Open compiz. In compiz window management enable shift Switcher. Assign initiate key (All Workspaces). grab any key you want.


Resolved by deleting the config folder and then rebooting.


Try to remove .kde;.gconf;.config hidden in your home folder. Press Ctrl-H to show them and then relogin. Remember every time you log into KDE Plasma, it will automatically restore these folders, which are required for KDE to work, so before you logout of KDE, delete them again if you want to use unity after that.


For me the problem is NOT solved by checking Auto-Raise, rather, by changing Focus Prevention Level from Low to Off in ccsm.

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