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In Ubuntu Trusty 14.04, I loosed all Applications in Dash after an Ubuntu Update of update-manager-core package. The solution was: $ rm ~/.cache/software-center -R However as said earlier here the unity --reset command is now deprecated. the solution is now: <Alt> <F2> and type unity This will kill your session (please save your work before) ...


I fixed it! I lowered the screen resolution and the Dash reappeared. If only I knew this before I reinstalled 3 times.


Unity Dash -- Changing & making unity dash filters stick. Found these 3 methods online. (1) Open dash --> Click on Applications tab (on bottom of dash, second icon) --> Filter results --> Type --> Dash Plugins. Click on the individual plugin and select disable (2) How to disable the online results completely. This is done from within the ...


Open terminal and use grep to search for "personal file sharing" in /usr/share/applications folder. In fact, you will have this output: $ grep -R -i "personal file sharing" /usr/share/applications /usr/share/applications/gnome-user-share-properties.desktop:Name=Personal File Sharing Now, if we do this: $ grep "Exec" ...


You can find almost all software shortcuts that appear in Dash in /usr/share/applications directory. If you right-click a .desktop file and select "properties" you will see the command that is executed, when you click on the icon in Dash.


bash is a shell; basically a program that reads commands and executes them. It is one of the interfaces between the kernel and the user. I do not know what do you call "apps", but if I understand correctly, bash is under the level of what you call "an app". But it's a fundamental part of the system... Have a good read here: ...


Many programs in Ubuntu need something or the other to run in. Graphical programs like the file manager (typically Nautilus) or the browser (Firefox, or Google Chrome, for example) need an instance of the X Window System (typically provided by X.Org's X server) to run. Correspondingly, command-line programs like Bash, apt-get, lynx, etc., to be run ...


The terminal is NOT BASH. Make sure you remember that :) Bash is a shell - "a program that reads commands and executes them. It is one of the interfaces between the kernel and the user." Credit - rmano


Try to use the tool called z, it allows what you need, plus it creates a global database of your cd's weighted by frequency and allows you to jump to frequently visited place instantly.


Press the super key and the "A" key at the same time. For music lens press super key (windows key) and "M", videos is super and "V" etc.


Try using this application. It is called "Adaptive Readahead daemon". It is available from the Ubuntu repository. https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/preload/ I must say it has certainly sped up launching or doing anything in ubuntu from the desktop on my system. However I haven't really tested searching stuff before I installed it, and after I ...

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