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What you've done is you just moved backup_local/ directory into .local/share/applications . Just like I've done in this small demo here: xieerqi:$ ls TESTDIR testfile xieerqi:$ mkdir bin/ANOTHERDIR xieerqi:$ touch bin/ANOTHERDIR/testfile2 xieerqi:$ mv TESTDIR/ ...


I faced same problem sometime ago with all full-screen app using wine. There multiple ways the may lead to same result: Changing keyboard may help. I'm using two laptops in one of the I always hit the Alt key. Disable hot keys temporary as mentioned here: Can I disable Dash and HUD hotkeys when fullscreen (in DOSBox)? or From within Steam, how can I ...


Go to System Settings - Appearance - Look and in the bottom-right corner is a slider for changing the Launcher icon size. Drag the marker either direction to increase or decrease the icon size on the Unity launcher. Look here for details : How-to-geek


2 solutions I know that might interest you are: 1) For GNOME: Hide titlebar for maximized windows: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/354/maximus/ Get the global app menu(I never tried this): http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/get-global-menu-in-gnome-shell.html 1.1) For theming you didn't like about GNOME: Enable user themes: ...


I suggest you to try Gnome Do. It is fully customizable with plugins and you can also choose which folders you want to index, the depth of indexing and which folders or subfolders you want to ignore.

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