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Unity 2D is not available in Ubuntu 14.04, thus you can't switch. The packages for unity2d in 14.04 are just meta packages. They don't contain any files but depend on Unity 3D.


I confirm that behavior would show up only for Compiz/Dual Display combination. What I've tested so far in VBox with Ubuntu 12.04 32bit: Metacity + Single Display (OK) Metacity + Dual Display (OK) Compiz + Single Display (OK) Compiz + Dual Display (Overlapping) One trick or work around that works for me, adding a top panel to the second display & ...


Unity 2D is not available in Ubuntu 14.04. However http://lubuntu.net/ is a lightweight flavor of Ubuntu, currently available at revision 14.04. It will run far faster than even Unity 2D.

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