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Review the list of packages to remove: $ apt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop | awk '/^\s+Depends: /{print $2;}' | column alsa-base inputattach software-properties-gtk xfce4-notifyd alsa-utils language-selector-gnome thunar xfce4-panel anacron ...


Try to move this file so the post-removal script will be happy. mv /etc/systemd/system/openntpd.service /tmp/


Open a terminal and type $ dpkg --list to list all installed packages. Then type $ sudo apt-get purge <package_name> to completely remove the package you want. For exmaple $ sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin Also, the easiest way to install these services is using tasksel $ sudo apt-get install tasksel $ sudo tasksel (Select LAMP server ...


Unfortunately, your only option is to install Ubuntu fresh and wipe out your previous data. That will be the only true way to 'reset your PC' back to a fresh environment. You will only lose your GUI settings by using the command from Martin, but you probably want to wipe out everything and start afresh, based on your initial question, so you'll have to do ...

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