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I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 as well. In my /etc/rsyslog.d/ there's a file 20-ufw.conf which has the following line: :msg,contains,"[UFW " /var/log/ufw.log What I've done is delete that file, and at the top of 50-default.conf I added the following: :msg,contains,"[UFW " /var/log/ufw.log & stop Restart rsyslog with sudo service rsyslog restart and ...


Your wlan0 interface is in the same subnet. You have 2 options: Change the IPs of both machines (debian & kubuntu) that they are in another subnet, for example Disable the wireless interface or change it's IP that it's in another subnet.


Ubuntu is case sensitive, the TCP should be lower case sudo ufw allow 5432/tcp


To answer the real question, about how to create your own application file, you only need to know that it is using windows INI file format (yuck). [appname] title=1-liner here description=a longer line here ports=1,2-10,30/tcp,50/udp,53 The ports line can specify multiple ports, with /udp or /tcp, to limit the protocol, otherwise it defaults to both. So, ...

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