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About UEFI

UEFI firmware provides several technical advantages over a traditional BIOS system:

  • Ability to boot from large disks (over 2 TiB) with a GUID Partition Table, GPT.
  • CPU-independent architecture
  • CPU-independent drivers
  • Flexible pre-OS environment, including network capability
  • Modular design

Excerpt from Wikipedia article about UEFI

AdamW on UEFI boot: how does that actually work, then?

Known issues

  • Some computers support legacy booting, but this feature is not available on all devices and planned to be phased out.
  • Some UEFI firmware implementations from computer manufacturers only support booting through \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI from the EFI System Partition, not honoring commands to boot a certain UEFI NVRAM boot entry.

Noteable questions

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