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first: sudo apt-get purge locales then: sudo aptitude install locales and the famous: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales This rids the system of locales, then re-installs locales and downgrades libc6 from 2.19 to 2.13 which is the issue. Then configures locales again.


I have found out that the scrolling issue was caused by the crouton installer which is now updated with a fix for the bug thus anyone with this issue should update the crouton file with the Instructions located here. If you can not get to those instructions here is a copy of them(All rights go to the crouton creators): Check for updates, download the ...


I have just installed Ubuntu Tweaks by downloading the current Debian package for version 0.8.7, for 14.04 trusty, right clicking on it and selecting to open with Ubuntu Software Centre. This is obviously the simplest solution but I found out about it myself by accident. I can find no reference to this method on the internet.

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