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No (but it will feel like yes for a while) If you enable rw on / and start modifying it, nothing disables the delivery of OTA updates. So when they arrive, they will be offered to you for install, as before. However, the OTA process does a very simple thing to the filesystem. It just untars a large set of files on top of the filesystem you have. Since it ...


This is a known bug, apparently, and is already documented here. Supposedly it'll be fixed and such in a later version of Dekko, based on the bug, but it's not got an ETA.


I had the same issue when I got my pro 5. What it was is that I had added my gmail calander account when I was setting up my emails. However I had not allowed the calander app permission to mu online account. So I went into the accounts and clicked add online calender. This brought up the allow permission question for the account I had set up. I clicked OK ...


If you're able to get to access the preboot menu, you ought to be able to reset your device in either direction. If you were interested in keeping Touch on your device, I've found that reinstalling the OS loads the most recent version with all OTA updates. I had trouble with Touch on my Nexus 7 where attempts to install OTA updates would result in an error ...


The only way I have been able to do this is by playing music via the media player and then viewing other screens. This does mean that I do not have the selection of web sites such as YouTube. The idea that you could use one screen to play music and another to play a game is a good one.


You need to reflash with the image from bq support site using the flash tools for Linux they provide. Similar to this process. ...

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