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Ubuntu components include the StateSaver capability. This allows QML properties to be saved at program exit and restored at restart. For each element with properties you wish to save, set the StateSaver.properties property to a comma separated list of the properties that should be saved. However, there are two enormous limitations of the StateSaver. ...


You can become root by typing sudo su in the mobile terminal and providing the lockscreen password if required. This is a standard procedure which also works for the regular version of Ubuntu.


A search for 'aquaris usb' would have landed you at already answered question 602488, in which my answer was this: Ubuntu touch does not allow USB interaction as long as the phone screen is locked. Even if it is only locked by slide, this can block the interaction. I also made sure my screen doesn't lock after idleness, so this locking doesn't happen ...


Ubuntu 14.04 can't detect bq "natively" cause of outdated libs. Maybe there is the same issue for meixu. Add this ppa should works. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools

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