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snapd is not integrated with Ubuntu Touch yet, so on the phone or on the tablet, you won't be able to easily install snap packages. That said, you can take a look at to see how the Ubuntu Clock app (from the phone) was turned into a snap package, so it can be run on the Unity7 desktop. ...


Which level of control are you looking for? For graphical (VNC) connections you can try Remmina. I have successfully installed Remmina in a new libertine container but haven't tested a lot with that yet. I have only used it to connect to Windows VM's so far.


I think you mean "Nix package manager" (NixOS is a linux distribution built on top of Nix packages manager). Nix installs its packages into /nix folder which you need to make it writable for user that will perform installations. we call this single-user mode. There is also multi-user mode which allows multiple users to install packages, but setup is a ...

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