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One Drive business (former Skydrive Business) also used as Sync tool for SharePoint has no native client for Linux. It is based of Groove tool MS had back in the days. For now you can only use the web browser to upload/download files Your best bet is that for OneDrive a Linux client/tool/daemon (like http://xybu.me/projects/onedrive-d/) will be build and ...


I can only answer to the second part of the question (about the .application file), because I'm not familiar with the services offered by the U1 account. You are correct in that you need an .application file, and you actually also need a .service file as well. Fortunately, it's possible to ship them also with confined applications shipped in a click ...


First of all, we need more information to establish the actual problem you are having, e.g. a better description or screen shots. Nowadays, Ubuntu One is used as a single sign-on for Ubuntu sites and services. There used to be a Ubuntu One File Service as an DropBox/Google Drive/etc. alternative, to store files. The last one has been taken offline earlier ...


Use grauphel on your ownCloud server to sync tomboy notes between Tomboy, Tomdroid and Conboy.

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