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You should be able to add a new email, and change the default on your Ubuntu One Single Sign On. Go to https://login.ubuntu.com/ and login with your current e-mail and password. Under Personal Details click on Manage email address: Enter in a new email address in this field: Verify your new email address, by following the instructions they send to that ...


Yes, this is exactly the site where you need to get the old releases' ISOs from. However, it is disrecommended to install a End Of Life version of Ubuntu. You will receive neither real support, nor any security updates. I doubt your friend will have problems with using Trusty or Utopic, since both use Unity as their default Desktop Environment, like ...


Use Clonezilla, clone the hard drive to an external and restore it to the new drive. http://clonezilla.org/ Alternatively, you can also just swap the hard drive from the old machine to the new one. The URL for the old download is correct, just verify if it is 32 or 64 bit they currently have installed and download and use the correct version!


Only upload the armhf build to the store for now, if your app requires native code. In the future, it will be possible to have armhf, i386, and any other supported architecture, included in the same package. Support for that has been deprioritized a bit though, as development is currently concentrated on the phone platform. It's already possible to install ...

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