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You may be able to convert one or more of your existing primary partitions from primary to logical form non-destructively using my FixParts (fixparts, part of the gdisk package in Ubuntu) or with some third-party Windows tools (I have no specific programs to recommend, aside from the Windows version of FixParts, but I hear that some Windows tools can do ...


You can not have more than 4 primary partitions if you use MBR partition scheme(3 primary + 1 extended (which can have several 'child' partitions)). Since you say you already have 4 partitions, one of it must be extended (and other 3 will be primary) Suppose if you have C, D, E and F drives, and for eg: F: is your extended partition you can install Ubuntu on ...


There is a guide on ubuntu website! http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows


This is a tool, I always use to create bootable Ubuntu ISO on USB LILI USB Creator. You can use this tool to create bootable ISO. Although, tool is simple, still if you find some difficulty in using this tool, Here's the User Guide


You can do it with unetbootin. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Check Disk image and choose the iso file from your device. Then pick usb drive and click ok.


There is a program called Rufus that will burn an ISO to a USB stick using Windows. Here's the home page: https://rufus.akeo.ie/


In my opinion, Xubuntu works nicely. It's attractive, light on resources, and still has the power to get things done. Also, lots of online support is available. I have used it with older computers and netbooks. Currently, I install Xubuntu to a USB flash drive via Unetbootin, creating a 1gb partition for the os and the rest to encrypted file storage, which ...


I suggest to install Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Any of this very lightweight. As you have more than 1gb RAM, any of this is fine. Although Lubuntu is lighter, my personal option is Xubuntu due to personal issues with Lubuntu on an old (very old) Thinkpad laptop. I use Xubuntu on my laptop (Intel Core 2, 4GB RAM) and it works like charm.

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