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Check out this link for temp_throttle script CPU overheating. What can I do? I added it to startup applications list. It lowers speed of CPU when it reaches to critical level defined by you, like: sudo '/home/$USER/helper/temp_throttle.sh' 55


No, 55°C is not dangerous. While the specific limit temperatures will depend on your hardware, the output you show states that the critical temperature is 100°C. Since you are at approximately half that, I wouldn't worry about it. Note that this does not apply across the board. Just in this particular case where you know the critical temperature. Anyway, 55 ...


I personally prefer Lubuntu 13.10 for my weaker machines. It will be lightweight enough to run great on your machine but it still has many features. Lubuntu 13.10 is the newest current version, but I would reccomend waiting a few weeks till 14.04 is released which is a Long Term Support Release


You have pretty week CPU there, but good enough for Xubuntu (Ubuntu with light XFCE desktop environment). I would go with Xubuntu 14.04 because it will be stable in 17 days from now as it provides the newest software and it is LTS (long-term support) version, so you will be good with it for long time.


I've been using an Acer AO722 for nearly two years, and I have tested lots of distros. Here are some findings: avoid any distro with KDE, for they overload the system. CPU temperature gets very high! Unity and Gnome are Ok, everything works fine (as long as you fix the boot order - see above answers), but they consume too much memory. XFCE distros work ...

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