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Yes you can. You can use a terminal and then in each terminal use this command. monitor 1 terminal screen /dev/tty1 monitor 2 terminal screen /dev/tty2


If the message is something like /dev/sda2: clean, 201776/60878736 files, 4991277/243040256 blocks You need to do ... nothing, thats perfectly fine, this message should normaly be invisible but somehow it snuck to visbility. It just tells you that there are no orphaned nodes and that your journal is clean.


The keyboard shortcut in VirtualBox to switch to a TTY is (replace X with the number of the TTY you wish to switch to (e.g.: F1 for TTY1)): Host Key + FX Normally, the Right Control key is your host key.


I think it's CTRL + ALT + F1 after entering fullscreen mode, and back to GUI by CTRL + ALT + F7.


It seems setupcon doesn't run automatically, so you'll have to either run it manually or put it in your .(ba|z|fi|etc)shrc or something like that. If you use Byobu, put it immediately before the Byobu line and add 2>/dev/null to keep it from complaining every time you open a new shell.

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