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I had a similar issue with my GTX 750 Ti. It's something to do with the drivers, not totally sure what exactly, but adding the GRUB flag nomodeset got me a TTY. However, it messed up my GUI at the same time, so this solution may not work for everyone. Solution - Add the nomodeset GRUB flag: Open a terminal Ctrl+Alt+T Enter sudo nano /etc/default/grub - ...


Needed Mint 17.1 to talk to my Arduino, after a little chasing around, the best way I found was to either: sudo gedit /etc/group goto line... dialout:x:20: add your "username" dialout:x:20:username save file or use Administration - Users & Groups - Manage Groups goto line "dialout" check properties to ensure that "username " is ...


This question has been answered here. To summarize it: First, there are no "two users" - there is one, who is logged in multiple times. And, as muru said, :0 normally refers to a log in via some graphical interface. Using "w" will tell you which interface logging into your system.


:0 means that the user is logged through the X server. Thus there are two users because one is logged via terminal and other in the X server (GUI).


:0 is the X11 display, if you have several screens or displays it will list them :0,:1, :2, etc... :0 is your desktop.


Yes and no. Setting aside TTY/PTS parts of the conversation... Yes you can run more then one Xorg instance. X :1 X :2 X :3 would start 3 new Xorg sessions on display ports 1,2, and 3 You can run damn near any command by setting the DISPLAY variable. so DISPLAY=:1 xterm would start xterm on display port 1 Your "default" desktop is display port 0 (:0) ...


Yes you may start a new GUI in a different TTY. From the default Ubuntu TTY (number 7), switch to another TTY (number 3 in this example) by pressing: Ctrl+Alt+F3 Provide your username and password and then start a new X session, using the same number of the present TTY: startx -- :3


Have you to enter this in the terminal or drop shell from recovery: update-grub update-grub2 Plymouth (from dropshell) grub-install (from dropshell) grub-mkconfig (from dropshell) grub-install dos not work from the terminal, and then enter this from the terminal: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop and it might work fine this way.


This is a known problem with FGLRX. To fix it, you need to edit your boot settings. In a terminal, run: hwinfo --framebuffer ## Depreciated, use videoinfo instead! It should spit out a lot of numbers. Choose the resolution that you want (usually the highest). Remember the corresponding code! Now, reboot. In the GRUB menu, edit the entry and add ...


Ubuntu Server edition by default does not come with a GUI. In Ubuntu 14.04 you can install the Ubuntu desktop after you login in the TTY console using your username and password by running the following commands: sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop sudo reboot This command will also install lightdm, the Ubuntu default graphical ...

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