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Yeah, it seems like this is a problem with Ubuntu in general and is beyond the scope of AskUbuntu that terminal transparency doesn't work. If you've gotta have it, it is worth installing Terminator which is a more advanced terminal emulator that supports transparency as well as a wealth of other features that you may or may not want to use.


Try to override this terminal setting with CCSM (Compiz config settings manager) in opacity, brightness and saturation -> windows specific settings click new and plus button, chose window class and then grab button click on open terminal window and set value e.g 75 for opacity.


It turns out (he answered himself) that this functionality can be adjusted with CompizConfig Settings Manager. (To install CompizConfig, enter sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager from a terminal. It's also, as of this writing, available through the Ubuntu Software Centre.) To adjust the transparency of non-active windows (note these ...

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