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To those who still want to use all touch features of their convertibles, here is a script which works well on x220t. The script with which I started is given in the thread above. I just extended it to take values for the stylus in addition to the finger touch. Same approach copy-paste as for the finger, which solves the first issue of Yossi Gil. I also ...


There is a terminal. One way to open it is via Ctrl+Alt+T. I suggest that you do so, and install the ibus-m17n package. sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n Then, if you re-login and run ibus-setup, you should see a few Arabic options.


Use "xinput map-to-output " to map your input device to output device. Using xinput --list to list your input device id. Use xrandr to list your output device name.


Got it, actually had to contact the sam4s support and they sent me a package for my touchscreen. (SW602130_Elo_Linux_Serial_Driver_v3.3.2_i686.tgz) I did encounter with many problems and figured out that even though my processor was 64 bit, the rest of my machine was 32 bit, so i installed the 32 bit xubuntu system and then i completed compiling the driver ...

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