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For everybody who is considering Ubuntu (15) as OS on the Lenovo flex 2: I highly recommend it. My experience was flawless. It worked out of the box, no bs with drivers as with win 7 and win 10. And I cannot imagine ever going back to Windows again. Ubuntu really is a pleasure to the eye on my HD screen. Touch however, does not work so well but the rest ...


I was finally able to remap the scancode to BTN_STYLUS2 using ir-keytable. The command was: sudo ir-keytable --device /dev/input/event8 --set-key 0xd003c=BTN_STYLUS2 HOWEVER, while I could see that the scancode had been successfully rebound, the button remained dead. evtest no longer reported any event when the button was pressed. Before this, there was ...


Just solved the issue. Went to System Settings -> Screen Display and checked the "Mirror Displays" box. For some reason the thing never happened again after that.


To help other people, which are struggling with an equivalent issue, I will post here my solution. Thanks to @bain I got to this thread New laptop (Skylake) cannot boot Xubuntu even with boot parameters where an equivalent problem was posted. There solution was to add some kernel flags to the boot options, therefore I tried it and got into Ubuntu Live USB ...


You could try the kernel command-line addition: i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 It is my understanding that all is good with kernel 4.4, so once installed upgrade and you should be sweet. Please let me know if this works, I just ordered a yoga 260 to replace my x201T. source:


If you want a graphical tool that sits in you system tray, then we just created one and would like to see if it is useful to anyone else: Just select your input pen device and which screen to map it to: We just started so its may have problem identifying your tablet or screens, so please let us know. We'll fix it ...

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