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Use chromium-browser instead Chrome can be used quite securely with the EFF Privacy Badger extension. And Chrome supports: Pinch-to-zoom scrolling with one finger out of the box since Version Version 41.0.2272.76 Ubuntu 14.10. You only need the system wide scaling


I have adjusted the thinkpad-yoga-script to work for the Thinkpad Yoga 14 S3: https://github.com/johanneswilm/thinkpad-yoga-14-s3-scripts . It takes care of rotation, blocking trackpad when in tablet mode and automatic brightness control (all issues that weren't taken care of hitherto). Should we create a Wiki and update it over time on how to get the ...


I just ran into the same problem, so I think an answer here would be helpful. The problem seems to be due to the latest Chrome browser upgrade. There's an open issue for it here The easiest workaround is to disable mouse integration in VirtualBox. It's somewhat inconvenient but a lot of people reported that this fixed the problem for them. An alternative ...


I don't think it is possible because you can't install Xorg on it. If you could, I would do the following. 1) enable automatic logging in and boot straight to command line 2) gut (keep important stuff though) the /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file and add the following: exec java -jar /path/to/jar.jar 3) add in the rc.local to execute startx on boot This ...


I looks like Firefox 36.1 atleast, now picks up the scaling setting form Ubuntu. Its not dynamic - that is it reads the value when FF starts and its set at that until you restart FF. :)


What you are looking for is for a touch optimized desktop - Windows 8 pretty much has it by default (one of the reasons some hate it), whereas Ubuntu comes with Unity, which is more optimized for desktop/laptop use (particularly for 13.10 and older, in which I think touchscreen events were interpreted as a mouse). However you may want to try the newer ...


The linux-3.13 kernel in Ubuntu 14.04 does not have drivers for the C720P touchpad and touchscreen. You will need to install linux-3.16.7-ckt4 or later. You can upgrade the kernel by following these instructions.


In my experience, Ubuntu boots fine, however not without issue. Issues: (as of ubuntu 14.10) Installation: As with all laptops with Windows 8, (pre-installed), UEFI can be a bit of a pain when installing, but this guide should get you through that with no issue. Touch Screen: Touch screen works, but there is no multi-touch or scroll support. So for ...


I 'll recommend you to try Okular. It gives you lots of such options to edit your pdf files. Open your pdf using Okular and press F6 or Tools --> Review It will show some tabs on the left side. Selecting these will enable you to do many functions such as underline, highlight, freehand line, ellipse, polygon, etc. Using freehand line option, you can ...


This isn't really an "answer" per-se, but I don't get this issue using 14.10. At some point the issue must have been fixed. I'm not sure if it's fixed in 12.10 though.

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