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The KVM virtualization kernel was killing the process because the VM was running out of memory. This is validated by checking out /var/log/kern.log: Jan 28 11:30:07 dfrewind-dev kernel: [970762.688259] Out of memory: Kill process 11884 (java) score 536 or sacrifice child Jan 28 11:30:07 dfrewind-dev kernel: [970762.690756] Killed process 11884 (java) ...


Do: sed 's!</tomcat-users>!<user userame...../> &!' file.xml > new.xml or sed -i ... file.xml to change file.xml directly. For more complex transformation, a tool that has xml-parser would be the indicated choice.


It worked for me, In terminal, run: fuser -n tcp 8080 Now we got some output like this: 8080/tcp: 15008 Here 15008 is where our apache is running. Kill that using: kill -9 15008 Done.

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