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Have you followed the guide? Some possibilities: You don't have the application installed - fix with sudo apt-get install tomcat7-admin (change to your tomcat version as required) Maybe the Apache configuration is wrong, given that you seem to be using AJP. I've successfully used <Location /manager> ProxyPass ajp://localhost:8009/manager ...


for tomcat 7, if you are working with Intellij IDE: Tomcat Home: /usr/share/tomcat7 Tomcat base directory: /var/lib/tomcat7


I´m using Ubuntu 14.04 server, and the files needed to run Tomcat7 in debug mode are under /usr/share/tomcat/bin. There you can find startup.sh and catalina.sh. Those two are usually the only files you need to modify to start the server in debug mode. I hope it helps. Regards.


Use the packages from the repository. Use and install tomcat7 and you get one server up and running. You might also want to check that package tomcat7-admin, tomcat7-examples and tomcat7-doc are installed. If you just want to develop and run a couple of Tomcat7 servers, just install package tomcat7-user, tomcat7-examples and tomcat7-doc and you then can ...

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