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It was my .bash_profile that was overriding $TERM. Since tmux starts the shell by default, settings from .tmux.conf can be overridden from the shell's profile file


It is not advisable to embed tmux as nested session in byobu. Your configuration is correct and works. But not as session in byobu.


@Sander. I had the exact same issue when I first installed tmux-powerline, and upgrading tmux resolved the problem for me. My version prior to updating was 1.8, and I'm currently at 2.1. Scroll to the bottom of this page for update instructions. I did my installation from the git repo. Hope this helps.


In your .bashrc or .zshrc just add if [[ $TERM == xterm ]]; then TERM=xterm-256color fi and also start with the tmux -2

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