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The closest I can imagine to "where system has assigned TMPDIR" is the directory that is used when programs invoke the mktemp command. As explained in the mktemp manual page, this is determined by the environment variable $TMPDIR, falling back to /tmp if the variable is unset -p DIR, --tmpdir[=DIR] interpret TEMPLATE relative to DIR; if DIR is not ...


The temporary folder, can have two meanings in my mind. You can either have the /tmp folder on disk for Ubuntu to use or the swap space. The swap space is a partition on your disk, acting as extra RAM. The /tmp folder is for programs to store data temporarily until the next reboot.


Temporary increase tmpfs filesystem 1) Open /etc/fstab with vi or any text editor of your choice, 2) Locate the line of /dev/shm and use the tmpfs size option to specify your expected size, - e.g. 512MB: tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,size=512m 0 0 e.g. 2GB: tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,size=2g 0 0 mount -o remount /dev/...

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