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This looks like a limitation of the mbox format that firefox uses (with a slight tweak) as they are one file per mailbox and assume a single thread of access not multiple ones. Try converting your mailbox to another of the supported formats like Maildir , Mork or MozStorage which can better handle concurrent accesses. Be sure to back up your mail box first ...


I was able to resolve this by uninstalling the respective hunspell packages: First I searched for all installed hunspell packages: aptitude search hunspell|grep ^i Which returned this list: i hunspell-de-at i hunspell-de-ch iB hunspell-de-de i A hunspell-en-ca i A hunspell-en-gb i hunspell-en-us i A hunspell-en-za i A ...


You can find the installed dictionaries at /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries and delete the unwanted .aff and .dic dictionaries there. Things change depending on Thunderbird and Ubuntu version so it's worth noting for future readers that I am on Ubuntu 14.04 and Thunderbird 38.8.0.


Thunderbird can manage multiple accounts and therefor covers your task. Regarding your question: Emails to are replied using Emails to are replied using You can for sure define other reply-to addresses for each account if needed, but that isn't what you are asking for. Thunderbird can as well handle ...

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