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It seems you've accidentally installed the GNOME desktop environment. While I personally like it much more than Unity, I can see why you might hate something if it forces its way onto your computer. To get back to Unity (what you had before), you need to switch back to it. First, however, you need to make sure that lightdm (the login screen to go along with ...


I assume you use gnome-terminal. If that isn't he case, please edit your question with the required detail. Open a gnome-terminal window. In its menu bar, open the Edit menu and select Profile Preferences. A window should pop up where you navigate to the tab Colors. You will see the terminal appearance options like in the screenshot below: You should ...


You could try this, and enter this from the terminal: dconf replace -f /org/compiz unity --reset-icon &disown sudo dkms-reconfigure unity and it might work fine this way.


I am using canon mg6170. I have the same problems as you do. To be precise, I got a driver from Canon which print almost correct color. It cannot be used smoothly because bugs turn up when using rear tray and also it offer very few adjustment options. If i use guten-print driver, no bugs except printing dark color image similar to your situation. The problem ...


Does resetting Gnome tweak tool's settings help?


No. At least not without manually creating a Cinnamon theme that looks like the Unity theme. Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome Shell while Unity is a desktop shell that Canonical built on top of Metacity or compatible window managers (e. g. Compiz). The two are not compatible in any way. I'm not aware of any automated conversion method.

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