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You can open the file using hexedit. However you will only be able to change text, not add or remove it.


Atom has built-in support for Markdown editing; You can hit SHIFT+CTRL+M at any time to toggle the Markdown preview window:


Remarkable Remarkable is a fully featured markdown editor with the following features: Live Preview Syntax Highlighting Support for GitHub flavored Markdown Editor specialized exclusively for Markdown Custom CSS Export to HTML & PDF And More... Homepage: Remarkable App Source Repo: Remarkable on GitHub License: Open Source under MIT License ...


I have Pluma version 1.8.1. A spelling plugin is available. To make sure it is selected as a Plugin, go to: Edit > Preferences > Plugins tab > Select "Spell Checker" There is an option to set "Autocheck spelling" in the tools menu. It will underline misspelled words with a red wiggly line as you type.

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