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As you can see in the official launchpad source page, the newer version(s) are in fact available for Ubuntu Vivid and Wily: I suppose you are on Trusty, were no one has considered important/necessary to make a backport of the new versions. If you want, you can file a question there and see if the developers are available to percolate the updates down to ...


If you just want to change the font color, you can use a terminal based text editor and you can set the font color of your terminal. nano, vi, and vim are just a few you can use.


DeadboltEdit - A secure encrypting text editor for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It uses Blowfish encryption, compatible with the OpenSSL implementation. Website: www.deadboltedit.org


C-x h means hold the Control key pressed while you hit (press and release) the x key, and then hit the h key. Emacs key notation does not use C-x-h; it is a mistake. (But C-H-x is not a mistake, because H- is the Hyper modifier key - see below.) The hyphen (-) is used after a key when the key is a modifier key. A modifier key is held down while the next ...


Geany Geany is a famous cross platform text editors and lot of Ubuntu users use it. You can install Geany from the Ubuntu Software Center. Or run : sudo apt-get install geany


Standard text editor in Ubuntu (gedit) supports tabs.


Simple. #!/bin/bash filetoedit="$1" if [ "$(head -n 1 $filetoedit)" = ".LOG" ] ; then date >>$filetoedit fi vim "$filetoedit" Put the above script in a file in your $PATH, make it executable and call your editor through it i.e. if you save it as open.sh, then open any file e.g. foo.txt for editing as : open.sh foo.txt You can adjust the ...

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