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I'm not familiar with R, but according to this answer, you run a script from command-line using Rscript. With Rscript installed, you can then create a custom build system for Sublime Text (Tools > Build System > New Build System). At its most basic, it would look something like this: { "cmd": ["Rscript", "$file"] "selector": "source.r", "...


Use Geany IDE. Some drawbacks but central things work like Search in Files, ... LaTeX component found for the IDE. I think the keybinding can be customized there.


You can use vim which should already be installed. Just to make sure, go ahead and install vim: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vim Now, use the vim command :% !xxd -b to edit binary like in this example: vim /path/to/filename note: you can drag and drop the file into the terminal to automatically fill in the path for you Once the file is ...


I was having the same issue. The script for opening monodevelop needed a program called realpath that I didn't have, so; sudo apt-get install realpath Experts: there are alternative methods to installing realpath ;) Also you might want to double-check that Unity3D has the correct path to monodevelop; Open Unity3D, in the menus go to Edit > ...


As I don't have enough rep to comment on your question, I'll have to ask you this through the answer. Did you try to open monodevelop through the bash (open a terminal then type monodevelop and press enter) In case monodevelop is not installed, you might need to install it yourself sudo apt-get install monodevelop

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