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Try Switching off UEFI and change to 'Compatibility" mode in the BIOS to see if it helps.(This may slow the boot of Windows unfortunately) If not try this link which may help. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI Good luck and ask for more help if necessary


There are two projects on the subject of screen rotation: 1) rubo77's screen-rotate-sh on git, wich is a manual executed script that could be mapped to a key/ combination. It also "should" disable the touchpad with the xinput enable/deisable "$TouchpadDevice" code in the script. In my case it didn't so I changed the code slightly to execute synclient ...


Yes, in Manga Studio EX 5, under File/Preferences (Ctrl+K), find "Tablet" on the left side and click it, then click "Tablet PC" instead of "Wintab" or whatever else it says for your setup. This worked for me. Thanks Ashton for the updated info.

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