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To those who still want to use all touch features of their convertibles, here is a script which works well on x220t. The script with which I started is given in the thread above. I just extended it to take values for the stylus in addition to the finger touch. Same approach copy-paste as for the finger, which solves the first issue of Yossi Gil. I also ...


I ave found a workaround for my question. If you use "Onboard" , you can reveal the Launcher with the Super key. You can still auto-hide Onboard, and if you set it to show notification icon, and set it to auto-show when editing text the keyboard will reveal. From there you can press the Super key to reveal the Launcher.


During the suspend and resume phases, Ubuntu (really every Linux system using pm-utils) executes a series of scripts located in the directory /etc/pm/sleep.d/; they are executed in alphabetic order --- from 0..9A..Z during suspend, and the other way around during resume. Conventionally all scripts start with a number (00,01,02...) and there is also a ...

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