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Don't add the specific user you don't want to give sudo access to sudo group. sudo uses the configuration file /etc/sudoers and all files under directory /etc/sudoers.d/. By default, the line in /etc/sudoers that dictates this behavior is: %sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL Means all users of the sudo group can execute any command as any user on the system. For ...


Remove the installation media when prompted.


Can you paste all output from an apt-get update? Maybe if you try this: sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql* sudo apt-get autoclean Then: sudo apt-get update


Ypu RAM is almost full and you are swapping. I do not know what webStorm is (never heard before), but you are clearly running low on RAM. Try to look in the "Processes" tab what is eating it up so much and kill it.

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