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I'll give you a small list of tools - while I would personally recommend Nagios simply as I am used to it. It comes with a big user base, good collection of plug-ins etc - but I've heard good things about Icinga as well. Be aware that setting up Nagios or Icinga will take some time until you have a perfectly working setup which covers / monitors all your ...


The only way to undo that would be a tedious by hand process for which you would need to know all the files original permissions. Save yourself the headache, Use a live USB/CD in conjunction with an external drive to backup your /home folder and do a clean fresh install.


This warning appears if kernel function trace_module_has_bad_taint() returns true; namely any of the following taint flags have been set: TAINT_FORCED_MODULE (module loading has been forced) TAINT_CPU_OUT_OF_SPEC (CPU is behaving in a way that may cause tracing issues?) TAINT_FORCED_RMMOD (module has been forced removed) TAINT_MACHINE_CHECK (Machine Check ...


You can use several solution. One of them is monit. From command line, just run the following command: sudo apt-get install monit Monit should now be installed and accessible through one of the following URLs: http://localhost:2812 http://IPADDRESS:2812 (local network IP) (if you have domain name pointing to your server) Monit ...


Simple. Download the robomongo: Extract the .tar.gz downloaded from above Change directory to extracted folder. You'll find a bin folder. Go in there, then double click on robomongo. Done! Anytime you'll wanna run robomongo, you will have to do something like this from terminal: /path/to/robomongo_dir/bin/robomongo You ...


It sounds like GRUB is installed on USB B - so your system will only boot, even into Windows, when USB B is connected. When USB B is disconnected the boot loader can't find GRUB and fails. You can run boot repair and make sure that GRUB is installed on your internal hard disk - e.g. sda

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