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"You've created the user and you want that user to copy files from some location. " First of all, we give permission to file, to know who can access it. (Root user has access to all the files{He is power user.}) Now file permissions are arranged as : Owner:Group:Other Owner: One who creates the file or manually have the ownership of file Group: It would ...


This issue is fixed in Telegram v. 0.7.8.


Dconf-editor can be used in this case. Have a look at the guide here: http://www.adminreseau.fr/unity-global-menu-can-now-be-disabled-for-individual-applications-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr/


I solved this by editing the window matching field in the CompizConfig Settings Manager. I don't think it's installed by default, but it's easy to find in Software Center. Once you have the Settings Manager, go to: Window Management > Scale > Behaviour > Scale Windows This field accepts a string that conforms to Compiz's WindowMatching syntax. You can edit ...


Although Sneetshers answer is perfect I discovered a simpler (and obvious) solution. This approach works with JDownloader, but should also work with all other Java programs. Just remove the logo rm ~/.jdownloader/jd/img/logo/jd_logo_128_128.png and afterwards create a invalid png icon with touch ~/.jdownloader/jd/img/logo/jd_logo_128_128.png Using this ...


For Java Apps: Actually for JDownloader case, It's a modular design. Tray icon comes as a plugin that can be disabled from: JDownloader → Addons → Addon Manager → Extensions → Uncheck Activate box for JD Light Tray For Java applications general case, It is possible to use Java security manager by writing a custom policy rules. Create ...


Try: sudo apt-get install sni-qt

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