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A good alternative might be drive which is written in go and has quite a lot features. To install follow these instructions: Install needed packages sudo apt-get install golang git mercurial Create a path for go packages in your home directory mkdir $HOME/go $HOME/go/bin Add these paths to the appropriate environment variables by editing the file ...


The API for google drive changed so that program won't work anymore.


A solution similar to grive is jdrivesync. You can download a copy on its github page. To run jdrivesync follow these steps: Install Java Download jdrivesync Run it with java -jar jdrivesync-0.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar -l "/home/directory-to-sync"


After having the fanclub install go dark, I just found this today (6 May) and it installs and runs perfectly. GRIVE works now. sudo su -c "apt-get install grive-tools" Check this link for details: http://goo.gl/trCAkX If you have a previous GDrive folder, it will ask if you want to delete and re-create it; your option, but say no and it will use your ...

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