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Scripted solution(s) 1. Automatically updated library view With the background script below, you can set up a directory, virtually showing the combined content of an arbitrary number of other folders. The content of the folder (existing of symlinks) is dynamically synchronized with the (combined) sources. How it works The script periodically lists the ...


If you just want the newer package this one time and you also want it to be replaced once the right version is released for your current release of Ubuntu you can: Download the package source and extract it: wget ...


You can install unionfs-fuse for this: sudo apt-get install unionfs-fuse Mounting: unionfs-fuse /folder1=RW:/folder2=RW /mount/point It will group all content from folder1 and folder2 (or more if you want) to your mount point Umounting: sudo umount /mount/point

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