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If you just want to automatically load the psmouse module at boot edit the /etc/modules file, and add it there. sudo gedit /etc/modules and add it to a new line there.


There is a full bug report on Launchpad : GLib-CRITICAL **: g_child_watch_add_full: assertion 'pid > 0' failed See post #52 and #60 for resolution details. The reason was a bug in libvte-2.90 (Terminal Emulator) used in Trusty 14.04. This has been corrected in libvte-2.91. You need to rebuild Synaptic against this updated library. I have the latest ...


I had the same problem as you and the only way to resolve it was to use dpkg. Thus, all packages that were already downloaded were installed and Ubuntu did not ask to download them again. I hope it helps you. With regard to the 32-bit libraries, Ubuntu installs to ensure compatibility with other programs or processes that may need them. I also think it's a ...


So, the useful command line suggestions in the comments not withstanding, I still wanted this. As it turns out, in the Software Updater (not Synaptic) settings, under Updates, there's an pulldown for "Notify my of a new Ubuntu version:" -- if you change it to "Never," quit the updater, re-open the updater and change it back to "For any new version" you'll ...

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