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You should look at it the other way around: find your personal files and put those on the 2nd disk. Since it is a /mnt it will be external, if it is ntfs it is useless for Linux except for storing your personal files. The Linux system itself needs it to be ext. Don't move /home/ itself to an external partition. You can also link the directories in /home/ ...


Unsure if it is useful, but please check the BIOS settings, if touchpad is disabled there? Also, many notebooks have Fn+key combination to disable the TP. Couldn't you press this combination unintentionally? Try to boot from LiveCD - does it detect the TP?


Start by opening the Software & Updates application, and tabbing to "Other Software". Enable the "Canonical Partners" check boxes. Close the application. It will give you a message about packages being out of date. Select "Reload". Open synaptic and search for skype after the reload is finished. Mark for installation, and apply changes.


... And I would like to make synaptic package manager as the default to open .deb installation files. ... Synaptic can not be used as the default program for DEB files, just like you want to. But you can try gdebi. sudo apt-get install gdebi Now you can set gdebi as the default application for DEB-files.


I have had the same issue with software center. Right click on the .deb package and select properties. Click on the Open With tab, select synaptic and click set as default. If synaptic is not available, you can install gdebi instead which is the recommended app to install deb packages by debian. You can install gdebi using the following command: sudo ...


If App center crashes, alternatively You can Install it Using bash as: sudo apt-get install synaptic For further reference Check out official documentation here To set as default: locate package in the file manager, right-click it, and select Properties then Click the "Open With" tab and select the application (Synaptic in your case) you want to use for ...


just remove the synaptic configuration file rm /root/.synaptic/synaptic.conf in the root account. That's where the error lies. After that synaptic should work. You could probably just fix the one or two value, but as the synaptic configuration obviously has gone oncoherent, I would recommand just to remove it to get a clean new one. I had a similar ...


It appears you made a mistake (or followed bad instructions) while attempting to add a software source for libdvdcss. Since your libdvdcss.list contains nothing of value--just terminal commands, where instead there should be deb lines--you can simply delete that file, then update the package manager's information about available software: sudo rm ...

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