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You can use the following commands from a terminal: swapon -s displays swap devices and sizes cat /proc/meminfo displays the total swap, and the free swap space cat /proc/swaps displays which swap devices are in use


Once the system has booted use the command: swapon --show This will display which partitions have swap enabled. If you want to find the UUID of a partition of swap type: sudo blkid | grep swap


It is safe to have a triple boot setup as long as you have enough empty hard drive space. Make sure you backup before partitioning. You can use the same Swap partition since it is used only while the OS is running. But do not hibernate one OS and then boot in another OS, because when you go back to the first one, it will not be able to wake up from ...


The line UUID=d4b17eae-c547-4d02-8d1d-0279069d35f0 none swap is saying "There is a swap partition with id 123, and there is no noauto, so we will activate it during boot.". The UUID does not say on which disk that partition is, so the system tries to find it. And duly notes when it fails to do so. Now, the message you get is about a disk ...

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