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When you have enough RAM, like 16Gb, and not doing memory intensive tasks, like professional design, you don't need any swap at all. It will be even detrimental to have it, because Linux can't resist the urge to swap something even if it is not needed.


Yes, it does. Ubuntu always creates a swap partition if you choose automatic install. And it is not pain to add a swap partition. It is quite easy to do.


My guess is that since the data you are transferring are written in memory through DMA from your network card, and then stored to disk again using DMA (i.e. memory regions that cannot get swapped), the kernel just swaps pages from other applications, which is normal and, imho, shouldn't alarm you. When system cannot allocate any memory theoretically it ...


Generally the space used on a SSD is the same as on a commonly used HDD. The amount depends on what you want to store within the operating system. Regarding lifetime span of SSD it is recommended to store personal data on a HDD. The amount of swap you should consider depends on the amount of RAM you have. See this guide for more information -> ...

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