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The place you're looking for where it would be appropriate to post those kinds of announcements might be Discourse. I say might because I cannot know that Discourse would be a suitable or even an acceptable place for what you want to tell people... because you haven't explained your needs in much detail. (It's not clear, for example, what "how to start ...


I'm actually pretty sure that Ext2Fsd has support for reading ext4 volumes. If you don't need to write to the Ubuntu side from your Windows install (just want to see the files, not create new ones) you can install the Ext2Fsd driver. This way you don't have to go about mucking about with you partitions.


Thank you to Bodhi.Zazen for pointing this out: Windows installer for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS onwards Quote: Support for WUBI has NOT dropped; it is no longer the preferred method though since Windows 8 does not play nice but if you have Windows 7 or older (excluding Windows ME) all you need to do is copy the installer from the ISO and it will install.


Windows uses the NTFS file system by default, whereas Ubuntu uses the ext4 file system. Windows cannot read ext4, whereas Ubuntu can read NTFS. Therefore you have two options, the first one preferable: Create 3 new partitions. One very large one for Data (e.g. photos, music, documents) as NTFS that both OS can use. One medium sized one (say 10-20GB) for ...

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