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SSD disks are automatically detected, and you may verify this with: cat /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational If it's 1 it's a hard disk and if 0 it's a SSD.


Create S3 Butkcet would be the best option in AWS also by creating IAM user and assign permission for that bucket and suggest to use S3 browser here: Also user can access the S3 bucket through AWS Console using their IAM created for User. If you have attached storage (EBS) with your server then you share it by Creating key based access would be batter way ...


Use AWS simple storage service (S3). You can find many tools and software for working or mapping S3 bucket for sharing files. You choose Hardway for cloud storage.


The gps daemon has logging enabled and is consuming a large amount of disk in /userdata/android-data/gps/log Please see which has a script to clean up the files. This is fixed in the rc-proposed channel and will be in OTA 12.


A 37GB log file is a problem in itself, especially if the system is only days old. You have to monitor the log file to see what's going on. Best is to delete the old file, as it's too big to handle. Then you can install logrotate. With it you can clean up logfiles. It can "rotate" log files daily, weekly or whatever you want. In your case it should be daily. ...

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