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Open the Dash and search STARTUP APPLICATIONS. Click on the cog wheel on the top right corner of your screen and choose STARTUP APPLICATIONS or type STARTUP in the Dash. Deselect the programs you don't want to open at boot time. If you are an advanced user, you can edit the ~/.config/autostart file with the parameter X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled = ...


Follow these steps to make Dropbox start up each time. Click on the Ubuntu "Dash" icon Type Startup Applications in the Dash search area Click on the "Startup Applications" ico Click "Add" button For "Name:", type Dropbox For "Command:", type /home/{your-username}/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd For "Comment:", this can be left blank Click "Add" button Click ...


Ubuntu can't allow to remove evolution-calendar-factory because this is a library shared by many programs and by Operational System. If any try execute: sudo apt-get purge evolution-data-server or sudo apt-get remove evolution-data-server your system will be broken! try run a command in the terminal, you will see that the ubuntu-gnome-desktop will be ...


Try to change the startup application command to - sh -c ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd instead of dropbox start -i. Since you are able to start it with the command, it should work.

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