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Maybe you are being misled by the error message curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to example.com:443 It means that curl had trouble finding a matching SSL protocol version. Try adding -3 or even --insecure to help curl find a usable SSL version.


This problem stopped happening after a couple updates. It looks like the ca-certificates file provided in the Ubuntu repos was missing an intermediate cert for GeoTrust.


Just generate a crt with pem encoding and rename it to cer. (short question = short answer) If you give some more info, I can too.


Answer on http://serverfault.com by @JamesSneeringer. I've been guilty of removing the passphrase from my own key files in the past, because it's the simplest solution, but security-wise, it's not the best idea. An alternative is to feed the passphrase to Apache. You can do this with the SSLPassPhraseDialog option in your httpd.conf (or another ...

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