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The issue was related to the fact that the NFS was not configured correctly on the Ubuntu machines. When I did ls -l the file owner and group were nobody nogroup. Once I fixed the NFS configuration, everything went well.


There's plenty you can do with security, all of which will be great education! I've used Fail2ban to prevent repeated access attempts mostly for http hack attempts. it reads log files so is very very configurable, it's a bit complicated but well worth reading up on. You can see who last logged in using the lastlog command. The command sudo arp will show ...


I have a similar problem. My Ubuntu desktop is on a VPN and my normal SSH connection doesn't work from outside the home network. Something I did just think of, though. Do you still have the ports forwarded to that computer? The VPN assigns a new IP address from the VPN site so the router can no longer find that IP address to connect to. I would assume ...

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