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If you compile the source code for your system, it will be faster, as it will be tailored to your system. When that being said, if you truly want to squeeze every possible resource out of your system, Ubuntu might not be the best choice after all. A system like gentoo is a system, where you compile every program for your system, which results in a very ...


Change the mirror server from the "Software & Updates" under "Ubuntu Software"


I can't find where the internals of autocd are documented, I'm afraid you'll have to check the source code. However, as Glenn points out, if this is not executed when using autocd, then autocd is probably not using cd. I can think of two workarounds. First, you can use PROMPT_COMMAND as Glenn suggested. Add this to your .bashrc: sourcedir() { if [[ ...


You need the headers, So try: Update package list sudo apt-get update Install last kernel with its headers (It seems you have vivid kernel), So run: sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid


Either you need to install some libraries do not exist for Trusty or you have to take the road for which the libraries are not needed. To use make xconfig you have to install the QT3 libraries, and you could download and install the Precise packages. To do this, download libqt3-mt-dev and install with sudo dpkg -i. But you'll have to install many more ...


Why not use apt-src? The man page says: trusty (1) apt-src.1p.gz Provided by: apt-src_0.25.1-0.2_all bug NAME apt-src - manage debian source package trees SYNOPSIS apt-src [options] command apt-src [options] install|remove pkg1 [pkg2 ...] apt-src location pkg DESCRIPTION apt-src is a command line interface for ...


I am not aware of anyway to specify where it downloads the source to, but I know you could run it as one line to force it to download to a folder of your choice. If you run your command this way: cd /tmp && apt-get source pure-ftpd It will change the present working directory to /tmp then download the source code into the /tmp folder for you. ...

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