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In fact, the problem is that sidebar sources has been moved to gtk+3.0. Сomments just were left as is. This particular file now in gtk/gtkplacessidebar.c.


@jaysheel utekar is right. The problem is that, if your code ends up in the else case of your if statement, variable tx_rate is not defined. This causes the calculation in line 47 to throw an exception. But there are a few more problems with your code: if 'ans1' == 'yes': will always result in False, because you are comparing two different strings and not ...


You should probably try defining tx_rate=0.15 before your if...else conditions. Because when your user inputs nothing for the first question where you ask for yes or no it directly goes to the else part where there's no tx_rate so giving you error "variable not defined"


applications and they don't include a makefile That depends on what has provided the author of the program. Use the script autogen.sh or configure Read the instructions in INSTALL Read the instructions in README Create your own Makefile, eg: nano Makefile with the lines below helloworld : helloworld.c cc -o helloworld helloworld.c and run make ...

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