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startx is not the preferred way to start a session in Ubuntu. Use sudo start lightdm instead and that should start your session the right way (and in doing so, hopefully kick pulseaudio into gear at the same time). I'm sure there's an xinit way of doing this too, but honestly, just going with the standard lightdm route is probably the sanest.


Your sound card manufacturer has failed so far to release a Linux driver. From what I have read on different linux forums there is some other driver for another sound card that could be compatible with yours. It looks like the ice1724 driver for the Envy24HT will work for your card in Ubuntu if you have VIA VT1723 chipset present on your sound card. This ...


Did you update the system after installing it ? Maybe you did not install the decoder plugin. Try after installing SMPlayer (It plays almost all of the files out there) or VLC (the same goes for this one too). And try to get a new version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 14.04 is going to be released on 17th Apr. You can get this or get 13.10.


The MacBook 2,1 has a 2.1 audio speakers (Left & Right speakers, and a Base). By default the speakers are not setup properly, so the audio unbalanced. This guide will help setup a new audio profile for the speakers so the audio will sound properly. Edit ALSA cofig file and add the new profile sudo gedit ...

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