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Try Audio Recorder. Audio Recorder is a recording program, that allows user to record audio from various sources, and allows you to save recording in various formats. To install, just press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the command(s) below: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:osmoma/audio-recorder sudo apt-get update sudo apt-...


You can very simply record audio through terminal using the pre-installed tool arecord. Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) Run the command arecord filename.wav Your audio recording has started, press Ctrl+C to stop the recording. Your voice recording has been saved as filename.wav in your home directory.


I always prefer shell comandline, I use below command to record voice: avconv -f pulse -i default /home/$USER/Music/$(date +"%m%d%Y_%H%M%S_$HOSTNAME")_screencast.wav to stop it press ctrl-c


You can find the following available from the Software Centre: Simon Simon is an open-source speech recognition program and replaces the mouse and keyboard. It is in development for physically disabled people and seniors to give them the possibility to chat, to write e-mails, to surf the internet, to do internet-banking and much more. It is ...


I just went through this (my daughter had a requirement...well, ok, demand to populate her mp3 player). I installed audio-recorder on both her laptop and my server. I like the server option better since I have more space there and no speakers hooked up. The laptop makes noise. I ended up using the following for timing (this took a bit of trial and error)....


First of all: the "Add" option beside the name of the output file must not be checked in order to avoid potential new files being added to the previous one. (I guess this is the default setting in fact!!) As for the settings in the Timer, it is a matter of trial an error, and changes should be made from case to case. A good start would be adding in any ...


As I said in my last comment,, according to this page gnome-sound-recorder is broken and won't be fixed (it will be suppressed in future releases). My suggestion for your classroom is to use audacity or write a simple GUI wrapper for arecord/parec.


Have you read this article? ... try recording by running the following command in a terminal window: $ arecord test.wav and speaking into your microphone. To stop this command press Ctrl+C. It's not the way to make Sound Recorder work, but you can simply do records without installing complicated ...


If you are looking for only voice recording I'd suggest QARecord. It's a very simple application built with QT.


To be able to switch input sources, and settings for recordings we may install and run pavucontrol . Select recording source Only after we had started recording with our recording application we can then select the device where we want to record from: Choose "Monitor of..." device for recording the sound that plays from this device, or any other input ...

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