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Well I feel really stupid now. To put the Bluebuds into proper pairing mode, you have to have them off, then hold the power button until it turns on, AND starts pairing. Then it connects no problem. You might also have to go into the system sound settings and change the mode from Telephony Duplex to High Fidelity Playback. The volume controls on the Bluebuds ...


If all else fails try photorec the 'testdisk' package. (available in the universe software repositories). you can see if you already have it with the command which photorec which will return the installation path if it's installed. If not, insure that the universe repository is active by checking the box in software and updates. What you will need: 1) ...


On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS , search for "Pointing Devices " in ubuntu software centre , install it and scrolling works perfectly for ALPS touchpads !!

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