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I had the same problem and it was solved with installation of new drivers for touchpad. Download this archive (from Ubuntu's bug reporting page). Open a terminal, and follow these steps (after step 4, you will have no mouse at all): cd ~/Downloads sudo dkms ldtarball psmouse-elantech-x551c.tar.gz sudo dkms install -m psmouse -v elantech-x551c sudo rmmod ...


Thanks! Don't think dvd defective as successfully installed on 2nd old windows 7 laptop. Also tried flash same problem. Could virus have infected bios or SSD defective / needing replacement? Each time configured bios to boot from DVD / flash but no success. Laptop want to install on is sony ultra book windows 8. Cheers


Anything on hard-drive shouldn't effect booting from DVD. Even if there is a virus on windows, it will not work on Ubuntu either. So you should try to see if your ubuntu 14.04 installation DVD is defective or not by booting on other laptop or try to create a bootable Ubuntu USB memory stick.

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