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Ubuntu has more then that i think! Cyber Sec I PPa's (Cybersec Team) Black hat sec PPA's ( by D4RkNiK0l4s) Utopic ppa:darklordpaunik8880/kalibuntu ppa:darklordpaunik8880/kalibuntu1 Trusty ppa:cybersec/chaos-ppa ppa:cybersec/chaos-ppa-v1 ppa:cybersec/chaos-ppa-v2 ppa:cybersec/test ppa:cybersec/trojan-horse ppa:darklordpaunik8880/darkminttrustytahr ...


You should have /etc/apt/sources.list and you could have additionally list files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, usually PPAs. If you don't have /etc/apt/sources.list, create a new on. Open Software & Updates and select, what you need. Sorry for the German screenshot


I found fix to my question . I work in cloud environment . It was script that changed repository list after each reboot . Cloud team is owner of this script

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