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Here is a selection of Unix & Linux Barcode Programs I found (from here), the post was old so many are missing, so I cut it down to just the ones who's downloads are still available GNU-barcode is meant to solve most needs in barcode creation with a conventional printer. It can create printouts for the conventional product-tagging standards: UPC-A, ...


I use Barcode extension for LibreOffice. Barcode is a simple extension for creating UPC-A, EAN-13, ISBN, JAN, Bookland Standard 2of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code128 barcodes in LibreOffice Draw.


This was extracted from another answer here: Zint is an open source Linux barcode generator which allows you to encode data in over 30 types of barcode symbol. In this documentation a barcode encoding method is termed a symbology and the resulting barcode image is termed a symbol. The symbologies currently supported by Zint are: Code 11, Standard ...


Install xdotool Open a terminal and paste this: while true; do clear; xdotool getmouselocation; sleep 0.1; done Move the cursor over the screen and you will see live coordinates update on terminal.


You may try the Ubuntu SDK. Install it by typing this in terminal: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk From the Create Project window choose Non-Qt and Plain C++.

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