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I have written a small script that will do that: Script: #!/usr/bin/env bash while true do export DISPLAY=:0.0 battery_percent=$(acpi -b | grep -P -o '[0-9]+(?=%)') if on_ac_power; then if [ "$battery_percent" -gt 95 ]; then notify-send -i "$PWD/batteryfull.png" "Battery full." "Level: ${battery_percent}% " fi ...


Camorama: Camorama is a small utility to view and save images from a webcam or any other Video4Linux device. Installation: To install from Software Center click here To install from terminal: (Ctrl+Alt+T) sudo apt-get install camorama Alternatively, you may also use Vokoscreen (screenshots included on GitHub page). Installation: You can ...


If I had a recommendation I'd say Kazam. To install do: sudo apt-get install kazam


October-1-2015: Enpass 5.0 RC was released recently (64bit only for Linux) with most important feature: browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome on Linux. Installation: 1.Go to official website enpass.io. Select Enpass for Linux.You need to enter your email,then link will be sent to your email. 2.After downloading, run the following commands: ...

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